At the midpoint of his career, Vince Manfredi joined the team at Acres Gaming. There, he learned an inspiring lesson in the power of positive thinking. He was introduced to a real-time rewards system for slot players known as “Bonusing”. While “Bonusing” was proven to work in Australia, it had failed on the Las Vegas Strip. However, he was steadfast in his belief that the product was a game changer.

Undaunted, during the early days at Acres Gaming, Manfredi and his team guided the Bonusing sales and marketing effort. They were committed and nimble and told their story to anyone who would listen. As a result, they started selling systems and in four years, what became known as the Advantage Casino Management System grew from near obscurity to an industry leader.

This lesson had a marked influence on Manfredi. While marketing this product, it never occurred to him that he would fail. To this day he believes in the power of positive thinking, in setting goals and making things happen. This energy has propelled him throughout his career and what he consistently brings to his clients.