Sample of Services

We offer a broad range of services and assistance from a strategic segmentation tune up to brand alignment. In the realm of educational services, we have powerful curriculum such as enterprise-wide service training or management mentoring.

Database Marketing

The foundation of Manfredi Consulting is in its ability to improve results quickly by performing deep level data analysis to shape a precise direct marketing effort. Quality data analysis provides a comprehensive approach to:

Analyzing the current database marketing program
Developing market definitions
Reviewing processes
Evaluating reinvestment strategies
Optimizing segmentation
Developing appropriate reward structures
Providing guidance in communication design
Monitoring and recommending adjustments as needed.

Floor Optimization

Manfredi Consulting takes advantage of the robust amount of system generated data to optimize the casino floor for greater returns. Manfredi provides the expertise to interpret machine data through thorough analysis down to session level detail. Understanding performance from this unique perspective provides insight for making better decisions on:

Performance Metrics
Placement strategy
Floor mix
Game utilization analysis – Is it collecting dust or making money?
Replacement timing.

Player Development

Whether the property has 200 or 3,000 gaming positions, the identification and treatment of high-value players is mission critical. Manfredi Consulting provides strategy, tactics and implementation support in the creation, updating and monitoring of your Player Development program. This approach includes:

Defining potential high-value player behaviors
Creating program guidelines and methodologies
Contact management
Compensation options
Team Building, training and implementation.

Players Club

A well-designed player's club program engages players and enhances their experience. This serves to increase loyalty and the casino’s bottom line. Whether starting from the ground-up or facilitating a re-tool, Manfredi Consulting’s experience in this area has consistently shown a positive financial impact on the organizations with whom they have worked. But this takes a process including:

Reviewing the existing club and its net effectiveness
Analyzing data and player behavior
Suggesting alternative strategies
Implementing programs
Monitoring Results.


Central to Manfredi Consulting’s communication strategy is to present clear and consistent messaging that is aligned with the goals of the client. The aim is always to keep players informed and engaged, but in today’s complex media environment, this can be challenging. Manfredi Consulting believes the best approach is to keep it simple and will:

Conduct a thorough review of the effectiveness of the client’s current approach
Tailor a comprehensive communication strategy that includes social media
Make recommendations for branding, messaging and multi-channel consistency
Capitalize on the most effective media platforms as technology continues to evolve.

Promotions and Programing

Successful promotions and thoughtful programing stimulate action and excitement for retail and loyal guests. They are investments if executed properly and can produce high rates of return. Creative promotions also alleviate boredom among team members. Where systematic bonusing is installed, Manfredi raises the bar. During a 12-year stint at Acres Gaming and IGT, he travelled the world introducing and implementing bonusing since its inception.